19 Mayıs Anadolu Lisesi

19 Mayis Anatolian High School opened its doors as a primary school in 1968. With the needs and changes in the education system, the school turned into a high school. Currently, there are 500 pupils enrolled. As a result of the address-based placement system, firstly implemented in the 2018-2019 academic year, only, pupils from the close neighborhoods have been enrolled. Our pupils are aged between 14-18 and there are classes from 9 – 12. There are 42 teachers, a principal, and two deputy principals.

Today, our school provides its pupils with a wide range of courses such as Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry, Literature etc. Teachers in our school are well prepared professionally and this is reflected in the percentage of admissions in higher education which was 83% last year. As our school is focused on the close relationship between scientific and humanistic knowledge, it aims to give young people the cultural tools to tackle any type of university studies and the challenges of the contemporary world with an international perspective.

Our school is very motivated to share new perspectives with our partners about integration with foreign cultures. This mission is also stated in the Strategic Plan of our school. Therefore, our school wants to take part in this project to educate future generations without prejudice against foreigners.

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