Deutschherren-Gymnasium Aichach

The school is a grammar school (secondary education) in a small historical Bavarian town close to the state capital Munich. The school has a technical / science branch and a languages branch (English, French, Latin, Spanish, Italian, Chinese). There are regular student exchanges with France, Italy, and Spain. At the moment there are 783 pupils (aged 10-18) enrolled, two principals and 74 teachers. The school encourages inclusion of physically and mentally disabled pupils (provision of special infrastructure, extra lessons, and staff), the integration of pupils with migration background (especially from Turkey, Eastern Europe, and Asia) and the support of asylum seekers as there are many families of need in the area. They are integrated with the normal lessons to help other pupils overcome prejudices towards them. This project will enable us to take the necessary precautions to prevent prejudice and correct stereotypes.

There are also courses for pupils with special needs concerning learning difficulties (psychological support, extra lessons). Because of this heterogenic group of pupils, the school always struggles with stereotypes concerning different groups and single pupils in that rural and very conservative area which the project will help to overcome and prevent in future.

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