IES LA ZAFRA is a secondary school located in Motril, the coast of Granada province in Andalucia, Southern Spain. The school comprises around 1900 pupils and from 110 to 115 teachers depending on the school year. IES LA ZAFRA is plurilingual. PE, Arts, History, and Science are taught in English and Maths and Music are taught in French.

It has been involved in the Erasmus Projects since 2014, with various KA103, two KA102 and two KA101 related to the implementation of the plurilingual program in the curriculum.

Motivation and good practice are the key elements for the main objective of IES LA ZAFRA. Ten years ago the same school was regarded only as a vocational courses school with a very reduced branch of compulsory secondary education. After attending several courses on motivation and staff management, changes were introduced gradually, turning from bilingual to plurilingual school in only 4 years and improving results in the national test dramatically. Now, thanks to the attitude shown by the new management team, teachers and families, we are the school that has a wider option for educational branches in the area. Considering these factors, we can say the knowledge of foreign languages has been the key element to make the whole school take a step further towards quality education. Now, with the possibility of letting our pupils learn about the different aspects of different countries, they are going to appreciate even more the reason for learning a foreign language.

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